About CPR Las Vegas

CPR Las Vegas's mission is to be the industry leader in CPR and First Aid Certification and Training. We are committed to delivering to you, our customers, the absolute best that we and this industry have to offer for the best possible value!

CPR, First Aid, and lifesaving in general are our core values and every day we wonder how we can do even better and how we can impact and enrich the community and world that much more!

Seeing faces light up in our classes as people gain insight and the confidence of learning a new vital skill, and the certification necessary for their employment, gives us unbelievable satisfaction and is truly the reason we do what we do. Our ‘why’ is empowering and enriching your life with the gift of life-saving knowledge and techniques while ultimately saving lives. Your success is why we do what we do and it defines who we are.

Our CPR class is more than just a seminar-style information session; it’s an experience. We pride ourselves on educating our students utilizing real-life instructor experienced scenarios of near-death stories and how and when CPR has been used to save someone’s life. That combined with the comfort that the instructor builds with their students will make you walk away feeling like you not only just received your CPR and First Aid Certification with the greatest of ease; but also that you just received the best learning experience of your life!

We work directly in improving the educational lives of individuals living in underserved international communities. We feel education is the key to worldly improvement, and our ultimate mission is to effect global change for the better.